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By Warren Miller

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An Extreme Machine for Extreme Challenges

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The Next Big Thing

The next big “game changer” in foundation equipment technology is from western Canada. Jason Linley, former owner of JD Piling & Anchor walked away with the title of Innovator of the Year at the BC Natural Resource Forum. Linley and his team developed a foundation multi purpose rig that can not only drive, drill and screw, but boasts flexibility and environmental features never seen before. For Linley, the award meant the culmination of many years' work."It would make it real," Linley said by phone. "It would complete the passion. You think you're okay, you think you're doing it right and then if someone gives you an award for it, it pretty much says 'yeah, you did it man.' So it kind of completes the process of becoming the game changer."Dubbed "the Swiss army knife of rigs" on its website, Linley said the vehicle has been extremely popular with investors from early stages due to lessened environmental impact, labour and equipment costs. With one vehicle doing the work of three, it also conserves gas, he said.
"With all the 180 degree rotations our machine can go through, it allows us to go through all the rotations we want and maintain a level pile. So we don't have disturb the earth or all the stuff that's endangered," Linley said. "We have the reach with our extendable booms to get to locations without wrecking them with tire tracks it has way more flexibility than anything else on the planet right now. "When he calls it the game changer, it is the game changer," said Lori Ackerman, Sci-Tech North executive director. He's optimistic about the award, and the future of "the game changer.""All the local people and internationally even, everybody's really excited. All our suppliers are excited because they're going to be hit with the same kind of golden stick that we are with the award. So we've got some pretty big people playing in this game right now," he said.

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