IFS Equipment Ltd is the authorized North American distributor for the CTS “Torq Hub”.  This system delivers over 99% accurate torque readings. Data is sent over a robust 2.4 GHz RF FHSS signal to the handheld display/data logger with custom software. This torque monitoring device is intended to mount directly onto the Kelly Bar shaft (no flange adapters required)
The Torq Hub measures not only torque (rated 115,000 ft/lbs max), but inclination, RPM and crowd force also.

  • Have an older foundation drill rig with no monitoring system?
  • Current system giving you on going issues?
  • Need an inexpensive redundant device for main system verification?
  • Need a single device to rotate between multiple rigs?

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Tooling Sales: Jim Lawrence

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$13,675.00 US , FOB your door (North America only) applicable taxes extra

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Sizes available (female and male square):
Imperial –4.00 & 5.25 Metric –90mm & 130mm
**ask about custom sizes**
Ordering info: TQHB115- XXX/XXX (ex TQHB115-400/130 –4”sq top/130mm sq bottom)